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ACES Staking Partnership

SharkBros is officially a staking partner with Aces! 

You can now lock up and stake your SharkBros in our own personal ACES vault to earn $pACES, Each Sharkbro staked will earn you 200 $pACES a day!

Staked SharkBros will be locked in the vault for 30 days (6,000 $pACES per staked SharkBro).


$pACES is a pre-IDO token for $ACES, releasing in July 2022 (per their current roadmap). The conversion rate will be 1:1 for $pACES/$ACES.


Additionally, $pACES can be traded on Famous Foxes Token Market, used in Aces' card contests and their poker rooms. You can also expect more utility and use cases in the future.


Furthermore, SharkBros will be looking into hosting poker events with cool prizes using $pACES buy-ins instead of SOL.


Below you'll find links to stake your NFTs and further information:


SharkBros Personal Staking Vault 

Aces Website

Aces Discord 

Aces Twitter 

Team Behind Staking Vault


is it safe to connect my wallet? is safe. It's powered by Anybodies, you can find more information about the team here.

What happens after the 30-day staking period is up?

Your sharks and $pACES will be automatically unstaked/withdrawn after their 30 day locking period. If you want to restake you will need to do so manually.

Will i still be eligible for new Custom SharkBro airdrops?

No, you'll need at least 1 OG SharkBro in your wallet for airdrops.

Vault says 0 staked but Solscan shows transaction success?

Don’t worry! If the transaction status is complete it means your NFT is in the vault. What can happen is the cache that displays the vault need to be refreshed. That happens automatically, so please give it 1 hour before checking back.

I just staked my NFT and the vault doesn't show it there. Is it lost?

Rest assured your NFT is not lost, please wait 1 hour and it will appear. Due to Solana networks being slow this sometimes affects how long it takes to show in the vault.

How long can I stake my NFT?

Once you stake your NFT, it's locked for 30 days in the Vault. After 30 days, you can either Unstake or Restake. (That's what Auto-staking is for).

What does "TVL $USD" mean and represent?

TVL = Total Value Locked

TVL $USD = SharkBro Magic Eden floor price * number of SharkBros staked

Why can't I see my NFTs in my wallet after staking?

They are now in the vault, when you enter the vault you can see all your staked NFTS.

What are the benefits of staking?

You will earn 200 $PACES per NFT for every 24 hour period. $PACES can be traded on Famous Token Market, used in Aces NFT's card contests and poker rooms as well as our own hosted poker events.

If I get a new wallet, will my NFTS be lost?

Your NFTs won’t be lost. At the end of the staking period, they’ll be sent back to the wallet you used to stake them. That means you’ll have to connect to your old wallet and transfer them to your new wallet before staking them again.

Do I need SOL in my wallet to stake an NFT?


Staking your NFT requires a transaction on the Solana blockchain, therefore you need to have SOL in your wallet.

We recommend you to have 0.01+ SOL in your wallet to be sure you can pay for the transaction.

Are there limitations to how many NFTs I can stake?

There are no limits regarding the total number of NFTs you can stake. Meanwhile, there is a maximum of 10 NFTs per staking transaction. Meaning that if you have 30 NFTs to stake, you’ll have to do it through 3 transactions.

Having issues staking my NFT in the vault. Getting “transaction may fail to confirm” message

The most common reason for this is the lack of Sol in your wallet, please ensure you have sol to pay for the transaction fee that goes along with staking. Please also ensure the wallet you are using is the same as the one that holds your NFTs.

I staked my NFT, but it's been stuck on confirming transaction for over 20 min

Unfortunately, we can’t control the time to get the confirmation for the transaction It’s directly linked to the Solana blockchain transaction’s queue and TPS (Transactions per second). In other words, if the Solana network is congested, the only option you have is to wait. If the transaction ends up failing, your NFT will be back in your wallet and you can retry to stake it.

Can I stake if my NFTs are in a ledger?